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Saving time & generating revenue for Publishers, Record Labels, Artist Management, Production Libraries, Music Magazines & Music Supervisors. Earn money streamlining the way you manage demo submissions

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Who uses our service?

We have created a streamlined way for Publishers, Record Labels, Artist Management, Libraries, Music Magazines & Music Supervisors to manage the way they receive demos from music creators, composers, artists, bands and right holders. Once we have discussed the service with you and explained fully how it works, we can create a unique branded landing page for you to refer people to the service.

The creators wishing to provide you with demos, can register their details and submit their music within a centralized system. We capture all the relevant information you need about the people applying, which is available within the service. At the same time as the creators register their details and submit their music for review, they also register for a free account within our Music Gateway marketplace, a B2B global platform for the Music Industry. These creators are linked to your account, whereby we account to you an affiliate revenue stream percentage for any fees generated by each user over the first 12 months of them joining our platform.

Ultimately, the service saves you time, improves the way you handle demos and generates a new revenue stream.

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John Saunderson. Head of A&R. Notting Hill Music Publishing

“Being able to centralize the way we manage demos from new writers has been a huge time saver. Music Gateway provides work-flow tools and private methods of reviewing the demos at arms length, whilst making the whole process slick and easy. Simple, effective and a joy to use.”

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